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Management & Supporting

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It may happen you already have all the knowledge and the specialists for engineering. But professional code doesn't just work, is also well documented, written in easy maintainable way, tested. 

We are here to help you!

  • Quality assurance - We have quality engineer with experience as SPICE Internal Assessor who can create for you a complete Software Quality Assurance Plan and then follow the defined metrics throughout the life cycle of the project
  • Verification - We can establish the Software Verification Plan document which fits best your current defined process and your current practices at the same time (tailoring is way better than deviation). If is already established (by us / by you) our on-site engineer can participate in all activities defined for Software Verification.
  • Reviews - We can be contracted for reviewing any work products in SW Development (Engineering and Management side) . We have our own check-lists but we can yours if you prefer and we will always provide review records with open items. When needed, we can also offer support on implementing the review findings.
  • Documentation - Is something usually disliked by Software Developers. Main reasons for that is time and how actually the documentation needs to be done. We are again here to help you. We can review your documentation process and probably come with ideas how to optimize it. Or, we can maintain for you the documentation (we know how important is this point before an external audit and what auditors will search!)

Project Management

If you reached here, probably you are looking for a Project Manager or you would like to know how your project will be managed if you outsource it to us.

    Our Project Management experience sums up:
  • 3 years for a Top 5 Global Automotive Supplier
  • 2 years for multi-discipline project (software, hardware, mechanics, logistics, production)
  • 3 years of Systems Engineering Management for an iconic Brittish Automotive OEM
    What our PM does best:
  • Recognizes and sets priorities wherever necessary
  • Recognizes several likely causes of events or several consequences of actions
  • Uses analytical techniques to identify key issues in complex situations to generate valuable solutions
  • Keeps things in perspective despite fatigue or frustration
  • Works effectively under tight deadlines
  • Sets stretched goals for self and others, turns ideas into actions and lead them to success
  • Exploits business opportunities by encouraging and energizing others to achieve committed goals despite changing conditions
  • Improvises skillfully in unanticipated, unpredictable situations
  • Takes calculated risks, makes crucial and timely decisions that have strategic long term impact
  • Recognizes when to decide lately and when to wait, takes time to make important decisions (avoids rash solutions)
  • Evaluates advantages and disadvantages of various alternatives
  • Collects alternative views, without rejecting any proposal in advance
  • Coordinates efforts and resources in a goal oriented and structured way by paying attention to technical and temporal feasibility
  • Analyses and plans all work stages, available resources and materials precisely
  • Is able to react and organize even under time-pressure
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