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SW Project Management

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Project Management

If you reached here, probably you are looking for a Project Manager or you would like to know how your project will be managed if you outsource it to us.

    Our Project Management experience sums up:
  • 3 years for a Top 5 Global Automotive Supplier
  • 2 years for multi-discipline project (software, hardware, mechanics, logistics, production)
  • 3 years of Systems Engineering Management for an iconic Brittish Automotive OEM
    What our PM does best:
  • Recognizes and sets priorities wherever necessary
  • Recognizes several likely causes of events or several consequences of actions
  • Uses analytical techniques to identify key issues in complex situations to generate valuable solutions
  • Keeps things in perspective despite fatigue or frustration
  • Works effectively under tight deadlines
  • Sets stretched goals for self and others, turns ideas into actions and lead them to success
  • Exploits business opportunities by encouraging and energizing others to achieve committed goals despite changing conditions
  • Improvises skillfully in unanticipated, unpredictable situations
  • Takes calculated risks, makes crucial and timely decisions that have strategic long term impact
  • Recognizes when to decide lately and when to wait, takes time to make important decisions (avoids rash solutions)
  • Evaluates advantages and disadvantages of various alternatives
  • Collects alternative views, without rejecting any proposal in advance
  • Coordinates efforts and resources in a goal oriented and structured way by paying attention to technical and temporal feasibility
  • Analyses and plans all work stages, available resources and materials precisely
  • Is able to react and organize even under time-pressure
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